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The World Barley, Malt and Beer Conference is a global event that started in 2001 and takes place every two years in different European venues. RMI Analytics will hold the next conference in March 2019 in Warsaw, Poland. The guiding theme of the next conference will be “Facing the Future Architecture of the Brewing Supply Chain”.

macro view of a beer glass with wheat, grain, barley, malt


RMI Analytics is one of the few independent advisory firms in the world specialized in brewing raw materials.

Founded in 1999, today RMI Analytics has extensive relationships with a great number of the world’s leading companies along the brewing raw material supply chain from growers to brewers.

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RMI Analytics successfully provides market insights, creates networking platforms and delivers advisory services for the industry in order to help our clients make better decisions.

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Joining our conference, you are allowed to network with 350 industry experts of the whole supply chain. Each lecture is certain to stimulate further discussions during the conference or in your team back home. You will learn about the latest developments, major challenges and future perspectives of this industry during the conference and beyond Warsaw 2019 through print and online resources, including an interactive app, videos and handouts.